Need Immediate Dentures?

We make temporary dentures in Missoula, MT

Depending on your oral health, the denturists at North West Denture Center may recommend removing all of your remaining teeth and using full dentures. After extraction, we'll give you a set of temporary dentures. These will keep you from spending the next six weeks toothless while we craft your permanent dentures.

Learn more about wearing temporary dentures by calling our Missoula, MT location today.

immediate dentures missoula mt

Do you need immediate dentures?

If you need to have multiple tooth extractions before getting dentures, you might need immediate dentures. These are:

  • Temporary: You'll wear them during the two to three months it takes to complete your permanent dentures.
  • Fitted: Your temporary dentures are made using your dental impressions.
  • Helpful: You can eat and talk normally while your mouth heals.
After your mouth heals from the tooth extractions, we'll need to take another impression. Due to changes in your mouth from surgery, the temporary dentures will no longer fit after healing.

Call North West Denture Center in Missoula, MT to find out if immediate dentures are the best option for you.