There's Nothing Standard About Our Dentures

Get the dentures you need in Missoula, MT

When it comes to making dentures at North West Denture Center, there's no one-size-fits-all method. Our denturists take the time to see how your facial muscles move. They take note of your natural smile so they can recreate it flawlessly.

If you think you need dentures, call our office in Missoula, MT today.

A good denture fitting makes comfortable dentures

A good denture fitting makes comfortable dentures

What can you expect when you visit North West Denture Center in Missoula, MT? Our denture fitting process includes:

  • Scheduling a consultation: We'll talk with you about your needs.
  • Taking an impression: We'll make an imprint of the teeth and tissues in your jaw.
  • Making the dentures: We'll perform the complicated work of crafting your dentures.
After we've completed your dentures, we'll do a fitting to make sure they work the way you want them to.

For patients living in remote areas, we offer a one-day denture service. We'll schedule your appointment carefully to ensure we can complete your dentures in a single day.

Schedule your denture fitting today.